Jack Lives Here


Like all beat poets
I’m hittin the road
Ballin the jack
About to spit the mother lode

Once again I’m off
To the sanctuary
Of sole and snapper
Oyster and dairy

Hit me one more time
Before I hit this road
Hit me up for shit
Before I implode

May be the last time
I show my face
Like the Ace of Base
I keep my cards very close
To my face

Simply read a book
Or write an essay on gold
Simply red at the vines
Doin assays on gold

Finger lickin good
Finger twiddling gong
Finger cymbal crashes
The climax of the song

Crashing my finger cymbals on her gong,
Yeah tweeting her crazy with my song
Playing the finger symbols in her thong
Comin in late comin’ in long

Out on the wing

He’s out on the wing
And he passes rarely
Never seen the likes of him
To speak quite fairly

Never seen such a pass
Never seen such an arse
Never been in such an intense struggle

It’s epic like Klingon vs Muggle
Cross-disliplinary figurately speaking
Me and Moses we’re not speaking
Interstitial adverts
Bear some repeating


Tomorrow I hope and pray
To join the Sally Army
Don’t judge me,  I’ve been around
As a matter of fact I’m a rock’n’roll clown

A rodeo clown but pleased to report
I brought nothing but weaponry back from those wars
I hope ever last man heard my retort
Bothing can be brought until something is bought

Rodeo clowns what are they good for?
Rounding up figures and stray non-payers
Rodeo Cowboys round up the figures
Rodeo rangers come with their diggers

Dux Millstone

duxDux a l’orange
Still covered in Rhind
No-one ever figured
Why you resigned

Dux in principal
Dux Deluxe
Get your ducks in a row
cos this place is about to blow

When the Provedore speaks
All the seamen listen
But they don’t want to hear,
Its a social condition

All the young dudes
Think the dux is their nemesis
Get stoned and play Genisis
Go home and read Genisis

Getting right back
to the track i was following
I love Genesis;
Genesis P.Orridge that is

Dux in a row
Dux in a grinder
We make mincemeat of dumb clucks
so watch out behind ya…

Wife Beater

In this night heat I
like to bite despite-the-heat
I twist the knife and I
like to strike while the

Iron is hot but before it gets too hot
To handle with careless abandon
And she takes a pot shot when I meet her because I’m wearing my wife beater

WiFi is cool but my wife beater’s much better
When I’m away I don’t fret cos I got all my home things tucked away here in my wife beater


George Lazenby’s Eyes

Now you’re comin of age
The first time in your lifetime
You’re playin mah Jong with strangers
A par four in the nite time 

Where have the stink weeds gone
They’ve all gone up in flames
Weasels bought Knots landing
Now it’s just not the same

George Lazenby’s eyes
Look upon you so saintly
George Harrison sighs
What have you done for me lately

Chilled daiquiri icebox
Frosted jam enchiladas
Master of your own demons
And cigarette chilblains

Fermented pillow of rock
The foundation of icebergs
No change for the leopards
Last spotted in Austen

O desert strand

such a seething tyrant of desert wit
belies Gallipoli
your picture-postcard tranquil coasts
affronts with what we see
the eagle-speckled mounts of old and sandy beaches there
now lie bespeckled by machine gun pellets
they knew that we were there

chunuk-bair2the aussies, the commies the whole bloomin’ lot
were in there right from the start
yet we shipped our men dying
dying to leave
for the shores of a foreign country
but theres no greater place to proliferate your race
than right here in your own country