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A kinder magic (last plane to hoverville)

h-armstrong-roberts-hands-of-magician-performing-magic-trick-pulling-rabbit-out-of-top-hatwhats wrong with magic
i’d like to know what makes it so appealling
when you rub the crowd the wrong way its a feeling
more than a feeling more than a woman to me

don’t mince words on the million man march
when you get to the bottom there’s just cornstarch
black is black and white is white
you need magic to turn day into night

the next plane from hoverville leaves tonight
its 27 hours, that’s quite a flight
but if you get the round trip through Who-ville you’ll be up all night
(and with Pete in the cockpit who knows what you’re up for in the middle of the night!)

rub it the wrong way – i like it like that
inside, outside – you can’t do that
shake it up baby like a mayonnaise jar
stool pigeon makin crackers ha cha cha cha

and the colored girls go “i didn’t think you’d take it that far,
I got 3 Puerto Rican girls just dyin to meet you out in the car”
Whats a matter you- why you lookin so sub-par
while my girl gently  weeps all over my sitar

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