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(a) Tweet for my suite

Tweet for my suite all the way down the line
fingers do the working evrythings fine
its all A-OK, tweet me and pass the dime
no quarter is given or accepted, mutilated or form-fine

All down the tweet-line the lady adelines harmonise
They’re the sweetest things you ever heard, they’re divine
tomorrow the firehose will bring another deluge of kind thoughts
kind, unkind, what kind of tweets whatever you can say is fine

when the bough breaks the tweeters will fly
they flock together when it suits, i do so hope it stays fine
higgeldy piggeldy, a beak pecks at its shell
come out of your shell, birds make this nest your own!

500 baby emus not wanting to unbury their heads
making a run for it, its a no-fly zone
can i quoote your tweet on that to the local press?
no, no, no thats not what i mean by duress

this is for the txt-ers, the sxt-ers, the peter-tweeters
for all the guys who got her number but could never tweet her
the one wanted a limo but got a five-seater
the one who wants to pig out but ended up wearing a hog-sweater

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