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Coral Island

SunplusCoral island, your lagoon comes in handy
Coral island, your modus operandi is to
Turn my hopes and dreams
Into a hill of beans
Something worthwhile
Once in a while

Coral Island, dolce vita in the sea
Ocean waves lick your shores
Now they’re licking me
Wishes and cares
Melt into a bushel of dreams
For me I got coral in my site
And that’s alrite

Seems coral island is no pie in the sky
It’s the real thing, its the taste of summer
And you know that’s no lie
No sycamores here, but I’m sick of those
Who’d call a rose a sycamore
When you can call it arose

Coral Island, palm trees reach for the sky
If a coconut hits you you’d certainly die
Coconut pie is no pie in the sky
Kickin’ the sand there’s mud in your eye


  1. “but it’s our hill…& they’re our beans”

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