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Don’t spread yourself too thin

don’t you spread yourself too thin
you’re not marmite but you just might be
butter wouldn’t melt, trip you up soon as look at you

formula violence mete out by the pecload
a mighty onomatopaeic ‘whump’
head-circling starlings and stars
because you are their star
and all the all-stars orbit closer and closer

if you could hear their dying breath you’d hear:
“i’m dying, the tapeworm finally had its fill”
in tapeworm terms thats a gallon or 4.3 Kml
my next excreta will fulfill my quota

if you can’t beat ’em you can join ’em
even out in minessota
a rare breed of beast is the minnow it breeds that others may feed
who can take the lead?

squeaky clean like an ice cold frozen chilled icelolly
kept in the basement on a battery

backup bomb-flavoured ice lollies, chilling reminder of 9/11
two words that strike fear in the heart of humans man and women alike
its the forty eight crash and the pins of the nineties striking out on the walrus ecrusted beaches
billions of them flailing in the sand, can you imagine that?

As a completist i value your time money and input
fever pitch as an elf – a picture of the subject in the character and guise of coronation street’s alf roberts

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