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Don’t stick it to the SEALs

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(in the beer fridge at Sears)

Pin a trident on a SEAL its there for good
love is like oxygen, its well understood
canary in the coal mine, leading the blind
I don’t like cricket but some days i don’t mind

Workin for the man in a two bit job
for a buck and a half an hour, and i aint no slob
five and dime sacked me now i’m hear at sears
puts a roof on my head and i can scarf their last beers

Moved in last winter they were clearing the place
“clean out the chiller do whatever it takes!”
5 clear acres of beer and cold cuts
you can’t drink that alone unless u. r. a. putz

Don’t tread on an ant in the beer fridge at Sears
Nobody loves you if you hoard all their beers
Mystical wayfare war is always the last resort
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, right up the chimney spout

By hokey it just gets deeper
and deeper and deeper, jeepers creepers
jesus and mary wouldn’t carry that chain
not many would but would yo say it again

Its hard to tell its hard
when yr loves in vain
when you’re in the thick of it
width is all you gain

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