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Free Air

airPumpinĀ  gas into the vehicle
clock tickin over the rate is maniacal

fearing is ambivalent
some feelings are transient
some are just art
‘xcuse me while i piss in the dark

do you understand?
Dirty Old Town, Sainsberry’s jeweIl
was made for loving
ripe to the quick, sentimental, fool style

yes sir, my aunt was due to arrive at 6:50
and i was sent to meet her
oh what a sentimental web we weave
when we wobble aimlessly through the leaves

dub dub dub, who do you love
nub nub nub who you nubbing lately chump?
donald trump or a southern piss-ant
queer as mules with a loose-leaf meusli piquant

she leaves springshells in her wake
godess on a mountaintop
steely-eyed peel on a bare-assed rope
stinging lik a whip-ass monster in Rome

When in Rome do as the Munsters do
With the animals, two by two
hit em with your best shot
a short length of four by two

fire away
can you guess what it is yet?

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