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Get Off My Cloud

Hey Jamie, I see your side trombones
Stickin out your thorax like the rolling stones
Wary as an alley cat, salivating
like a mangy dog after a bone

Hey punk, you know you can’t deny it
Wanna make a federal case, or start a riot?
Everybody loves you when you got a beer-dog
But when the beer runs out who’s gonna fetch it that bone?

Get off my cloud before you get all entwined in my mind!
Get off my cloud, you know you want to – you could do if you were so inclined
Takin’ out the grits every nite – feedin every stray dog thats in sight
Insider baseball says theres gonna be some trouble tonite! Alrite!

Young ones arguin about the rent
So hot in here your sweat ducts are more or less spent
Salt of the ocean, get off my cloud
You know you’re no more credible than Turin’s Shroud

Grey skies are gonna clear up?
Don’t come at me with that shit
You know you’re skatin’ on something
Well Fanny put the load squarely on Brad Pitt

Tired of the razzle-dazzle
Well sure thats everyones call
Sick of tryin to catch the monkey?
Well sure, we all want to save the world, don’t we all?

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