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Gimme the world [2020]

Ahh, the world
The world is worldly
Get your hands off my junk
I idon’t own you and you don’t own me

Grim reaper at the Pearly Gates
Livin in a dolls house, theres no doubt
Hi fiver in an Eagle’s crown
Got to be a cruiser ‘cos he’s been out of town

Soiled from the bus trip, “hey that boy is way out”
Played it left hand, didn’t make it too far
Flew into Miami on a jet-fuelled hotdog
So hepped up on mustard couldn’t explain the concept

Chuck Berry placed his nose in the butt of the guy
Who made the nose of the world into one in the guise of one
When you get to my door tell them ‘body’ sent you
Grave Diggers send blessings but they don’t resent you

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