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Glad I’m not Bin Laden

"Where all th' white raisins at?"

Glad I’m not Bin Laden
An octopus’s garden
Is a resting place nobody
Would like to be

Never promised pardons
To Cheney or Bin Laden
Tonite we press ‘Go’ lightly
A morning feed at Tiffany’s

He’s stuck in an ocean of thoughts
Clinging to a corral reef
I’m stuck with a valuable goat-herd
Thats of no use to me!

Someone should have plastered
His face on a milk carton
Are they so blind they simply
Cannot see?

He’s no Nelson Mandela
This eery Muslim fella
We want to get our ball back
Mr Al Quaeda-eee!


  1. His dirty deed(s)
    Made him seaweed(s)


  2. and tho them angels [and virgins]
    do look kindly
    on us sinners below

    it’s with his bones
    and charcoal sinew
    that the bloody tide will flow

  3. (you know, I always said BL was like the Snoop Dogg of Terrorism)

  4. Laid back, got his mind on his money and his money on his mind.

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