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Grinseen, hell has made a fool of you

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shuffle through suburban streets
try to get there without tweeting
elegance and style have merged to onr

box of flavoids in my hand
no doubt from random one night stand
the proof is in the pudding its still proofing

Oh Grinseen hell has
made a fool out of you
you need to change your name, you need to change it

Grinseen hell has played hell with you
boo hoo boo hoo you already paid for it

suckers with knives – sucker-lenght inch long dirty knives
suffer their lives throgh thick and thinoh how sharp are those knives

loves and lives, knives, knives and lives,
i’d walk a million miles for one of those lives
scranton to missourri, nashville – talahassee
one million miles will get you the prize

beans won’t get you like a fortune teller
evrybody has their own set of lies
the maid of honour in the kitchen bast-room
lookin consuela here right in the eyes

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