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Hitlers Little Sister

Summer twelve hour tweaking point
man i had a dreadful flight
slightly spasmodic i i was sitting next to little miss hitler
literally i felt uncomfortable in flight

like a beacon to the narrow
steel pedalled to the wheel like a speckled wheelie corn-fed hound
putting its guts out on the road and leaving the rest of us to decide what to do

She used to be Jenny Shipley
But quickly changed her name back to Hitler
Once the softening effect wore off
in the barren banks of New Orleans
How sweet the sound when the levee breaks
and it twitters out to many

Who do think is causing this war mr rasputin
simply change your name back to hitler
salt wouldn’t melt because its too hard to see

Randolph’s Red nose rooster speccing out the problem
high frequency drainfall clogging the system
Who do you think you are kidding
If you think you can trick anyone
to believe you are Hitler’s Sister

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