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2011 Stuff, Ambivalence, animal, anthropomorphism, destiny, Moon, People, Songs, tiptoe


Hummingbird, twinkling in the blue sky
Jewelled wings humming like a dynamo
Nibbling at the nectar like a pink flamingo
Takin the baby like an Ayers Rock dingo

Hummingbird, will you ever learn the words?
Takes one to no-one, talks to no-one
Keeps her teeth in a glass by the door
the’yre much too heavy to lumber around

So much nectar have to take the teeth out to dry
They’re rare as mockingbirds baby teeth,
humming, humming, maybe one day you’ll learn the words
of course no-one ever learns ALL the words

Elvish lives a tweety bird lives 9 lives
tweeting twice on the pipe means you aint gonna show
whip out your pink slip to get a free pass
to the seven-11 roadshow

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