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I am Judy

I am Judy
Jude-jude Judy
I can’t fail;
that would be heresy

Nek minnit
baby not mucho muevo
I like it, i’m only a human

My doctors on ‘puters
Spreadin the news-es
Mucho the gracias
goes up their asses

No thanks – I am Judy
The Peter-Swift tanks
No further headroom
Weazle existence
Dub Gummel hench tower
Weazel existence
Who’s gonna slap your mammy now?

 I am Judy
Jude-jude Judy
Beep Beep beep-beep beep, male hegemony

Cryin like banshees
Cyst-pools on the dial at 7-11
Mesmerized using the force
The shanks of love on a 9-11

I am Judy
Jude-jude Judy
I am your siren if it comes to complexity

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