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instant recall

instant recall – like your mother said, you’re right up to your knees in dreck!
makin it with teletubbies like you’re the new broom in the room, hairy as shrek around the neck

try a little tenderness and a little less shoeshine it leaves a skidmark when you leave
inflicting paralysis on ejection is not my m.o. but if you bring it on yourself i can’t help than mister

please mister please will you save that ass for me , not once not twice but as many times as it takes to make it
powdery like a milk – pool in a a high flung wind as compared to the gnarly cess pool it is right now even the cretins and huns were howling how do you carry that thing about, its a weapon of mass destruction. saddam and gadaffi invoked the geneva convention!
the mlk gang  took a mass collection, i don’t care i was paid up front in full
you’d be a fool if you think its over already its only just begun keep your eyes clear of wool,
those silver sixpences you saved will keep you well out of danger, bein a bush ranger makes you no stranger to danger
keep the bush fires burning with anxiety, fight fires not fire the internal , infernal heat of your majesty!

mlk’s alright by me, whatever suits your style
i got mine he got his both of us use the same turnstyle
to hoop the hoop and hop over and ream the philly’s coach with an iron baton and pound his nose into a wheaten mass, but i digress

cobblestone filters always hide the faded tears
the drippy side effects of yellowing beers
pleading , sometimes suerceceding such surlplus anger
what would it cost to be trained up as a bush ranger?
please mr qadaffi or whatever yer name is
salut, allah akhbar , the wind is strong in this one
tailpipe ballooning like a lead beret
goodbye, good luck see you out on the field some day!

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