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Its Alt-rite Now

As a matter of fact we got a nuke out the back
Nobody cares, we shoot hackysack
Just like everyone, tell it like it is
Gotrumptwitternna be a gas, gonna be the shizz

Alt-right now – get off the cow
Alt-right now – govt get of my ass
alt right freedom its all over you
alt-right suffocate in Zyklon-B Gas

Too little early too little too late
Not takin the fakenews – not takin the bait
Crossin’ the border had to listen to Enya
Doesn’t mean Obama wasn’t born in Kenya

Alt-right now – sup at the table
Alt-right provin’ the power of the mass
Alright maybe you don’t believe me
Wait until your shower sprays Zyklon-B gas

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