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Jack Lives Here


Like all beat poets
I’m hittin the road
Ballin the jack
About to spit the mother lode

Once again I’m off
To the sanctuary
Of sole and snapper
Oyster and dairy

Hit me one more time
Before I hit this road
Hit me up for shit
Before I implode

May be the last time
I show my face
Like the Ace of Base
I keep my cards very close
To my face

Simply read a book
Or write an essay on gold
Simply red at the vines
Doin assays on gold

Finger lickin good
Finger twiddling gong
Finger cymbal crashes
The climax of the song

Crashing my finger cymbals on her gong,
Yeah tweeting her crazy with my song
Playing the finger symbols in her thong
Comin in late comin’ in long

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