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Kill a Mockingbird in the Rye

dead_mockingbird_ref_8_by_fackeltanz-d3haxlwYou kill a mockingbird in the rye
You betta betcha tantrums gonna fly
I know she’s only there to feed her chicks
But when there’s blood on the rye you’ve no idea how it sticks

Blood on my knuckles punching mockingbirds
No-one would dare mock me now, that would be absurd
Don’t be a shithead don’t you be no turd
Mockingbird, mocking is the mocking word

Yo’ sittin’ there rockin in your ol’ rockin chair
I seen you mockin from the street over there
Yo mockin’ it when u could be rockin’it
You could be rakin’ it in but instead you’re milkin ‘ it

OK pops i get it that you dig yr porch
but that don’t help the family of that bird you torched
when you emptied tour magazine into our rye-bucket
You tell me pops, who’s the family you’re fuckin’ up?

Well are you punk? Well did you punk?
Did you squeeze your lever in the rye-trunk?
Just be honest and we’ll be right over it, son
holy shit, his prints are all over the gun!!!

(gunshots, from multiple sources)

She is just a mockingbird from a pretty barren tree
Spare her her life from this monstrosity
Will you let her go, she’s just feeding her family?
She’s winged so bad she’ll already have to walk to the tree
Well fuck you pops you’re about to blow

(single gunshot)



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