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King of the Den, administers his own Savannah
Follow the leader, follow the Master
You love him. he’ll kill you in very short order
Baste you and cook you with fruit from the larder

Kin-Chasa, Kin-Chasa lives like he lies
Says that he loves you, you know that he lies
Never ever knows when yesterday comes
Tomorrow is the evening when the revolution comes – comes!

You can’t stop the kids from revolting!
The kids are our heroes! The kids are revolting!
Too many people, too many problems
the problems are endless, the problems are everyones!

All of you people, you better get ready-to-rock
All of you people, down in the docks
Future expletives will judge if I’m right-or-not
How can you judge me when i don’t live in Camelot?

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