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Labour of love

The darkest time is now
The bleakest day is today
The worst moment to date
Is getting worse day by day

Oh dear lord I cannot pray
I can just say
Spare me another day
I’ve had enough I gotta say

Got to go paint my lips with candy poison
For all the cheating all the reasons
Clapped out jack adder snake in the grass
Sticking your cheat feathers where the sun don’t pass!

Does this remind you of the hoist
Where first you made my lips moist
Flagrantly flailing your arms as you flayed
Ziggy flayed the trumpet , without
skipping a backbeat, or skipping on the front lawn

The zeitgeist maker or breaker creates and destroys
Kissed the girls and made them boys

Lookin for coffee in the caffeine free aisle
Is pretty hard to do
Lookin for love in a love-less land
Is a ludicrous thing to do

Loveless landlubbers locked in long lingering looks
like loose canons ready to let loose their balls
Unleashing the loggerheads of loose change
Labouring over the notion of a notional ocean

Where there’s a will there’s an ocean of whey
Remember it’s only an ocean away
When the ocean is in motion your emotions can carry you away
You know you’re soaking in it, by law you need to clear the gangway

It’s a labor of love, little bird told me
A labor of love, little bird tweeted

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