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Mick Elborado (sometimes got called an asshole)

Freda People

Freda People

If theres a space for an ace of  bass well i ask you
look no further than mick elborado
walk down the street girls fight to resist his stare
mister sister mister never call waiting waiter
mr phone is on the fritz waiting for godot call enumerator uno

some people look for the new el dorado
and sometimes they paint him as mr bukkake
mr potato-head desperado
cheap as chips date to which i’m partial

walk down the street with my man mick borrado
girls fight resisting his stare, some throw tabasco
in the alley sing alle – alle allejandro
food fight with the caterers at the rocky horror picture show

partly obscured by his huge camera obscura
waiting till late till his date takes the datura
three naked ladies clickety click on the sophomore
suffer the suckers who too scared to go  for more

pore (sic) little greenie the motorcades passed on
thanking you, cheers, but haven’t you had enough
winding the room cucaracha style bakeoff
handing out beers like he’s isaac Asimov

walk down the street girls fight for his stare
even then some taken aback the unholey
ole ole ole ole
money money ooh i dig a pony

totally adriatic china syndrome
in the heart of tokyo emerging mantelope
sink in the grass slip sliding sea poison
parrot fashion poison, don’t let them off the rope

go for the mouse!

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