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2014 Stuff

(My) Pez Ma

pezFingerlickin good I tell you, every little piece is dynamite
Luckily its a Saturday, I could be up all nite
I think maybe I finally met my my-my bette noir
Here she pull up in her Plymouth Dodge with a left hand drive Pez Ma

Today I feel so full, I’m like an animal on heat
Today I feel so good tomorrow I’ll be beat
Tomorrows for the birds, I really can’t say ya
The next days for the rest, the people love Pez Ma

Soggy biscuit say goodbye – to your little friend
The winds of change are blowin in – El Nino is the trend
Its so hot an eagle couldn’t land any place between here and thar
When the Eagles said you better take it easy didn’t think they meant my Pez Ma

And all the native girls present themselves with beads
Shells and trinkets go so well with ants and centipedes
We can all fly like birds the skies they stretch so far
Soaring like our ancestors, the dinosaur Pez Ma

Yo ma’s so Pez, she’s not allowed to drink no Diet Coke
Yo ma’s so Stoked to live in the valley of the toke
The only thing that makes it better is the peace of mind in thar
Sober as a sabre rattler handing out pez ma

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