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Never Mind…

Qui esta la Monde
Theres a certain volatilty
when you cross the line
its more or less a certainty

a dead cert is what we calls it – :
‘e still calls the shots from south of the Falls Road

West Virginia, Mountain mama
God willing you won’t be a mama
I’m in with the high-risk group
doesn’t mean i like it or i’m proud about it

Proud to be a kiwi but i’ll tell you what
Someone kicked a kiwi here the other day
Used it for a football so they say
So many awful people out there
tramps like us we’re just born this way

Don’t need no jesus to tell me to be nice
Don’t need no ‘no left turn’ sign to tell me to do right
Don’t need to be rich to be kicked outta heaven
you just need to lick the icecream in the 7-eleven


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