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Steve McCabe
pop a cap thru the roof of the mouthguard!
Duane Ragnarok:
shoot em in the back now!


Steve McCabe:
pop a cap thru the roof of the mouth

Duane Ragnarok:

turned the gun on himself

Steve McCabe
I turned the gun around
and it was laughing at me
I started to relay a joke
but the joke was on me

All over the country
All over the world
Its an institution
Well we all wanna change the world

Steve McCabe
1968? Naw its 20-Sixteen
Chicks are primin up their lube -pumps
practicing dance moves
Doo wop bap doo shiddy bop

Pristine watermelon fields
Do you know what it is to beĀ  real?


don’t be sad
no-one needs anointing
if you poured that oil on my head
i think i’d find it annoying

you say you want a revolution
when you couldn’t change a tyre
lucky i found two nickelbottles
so you needn’t put your ass out for hire

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