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Numbers 3:10

aaron_brother_of_mosesYea though I have counted to ten several times
Ive dreamed every dream I could dream
Get Aaron and his sons to serve as priests
Anyone else can go scream

Live and let wither – tweet and let tritter
Somebody should let me know
When bygones are bygones its best to forget it
My rules are the rules each inchworm should know

Yay I have walked through the valley of death
Yay i have meddled with pain
Into each argument conflict occurs
Relax and come in from the rain

The spy who spooked me was taken out
In a hail of gunfire fed by a head of steam
Snickers in a jar shaken not stirred
Life in a bottle is life in a dream

Yay I have walked,  yay I can walk
Hey There I’m standing Hooray
I”m still standing on my own two feet
Take that wheelchair away


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