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Mr-peanutNutcracker, nutcracker, crack me some nuts
Don’t be a fool, don’t be a klutz
Playin with nuts is a path to remorse
unless you’re a horse, of course.

I’d love to yackety yak, that would be super
But if I yackety yak much longer it will

Good Morgen! Guten Tag! Arividerci!
Is it me you’re looking for?
You left your cake out in the rain
What you come cryin to me for?

Screamin Meemee straight out of the ghetto
Lenny and Squiggy with a hide full of jello
No constitution, no rhythm, no rhyme
No comprehension of your heinous crime

Davie and Iggy with a hideful of napalm
The symbolism is of course obvious
Naughty boys always succeed
To the detriment of the rest of us



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