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oh no you don’t

you don’t have ay rights to access my records od my CDs or casseres just for the record
actually i don’t relly give a fuck whar kind of loser would be interested in that information anyway?

wat the fuck did chris heazlwood ever do that any respectable DJ would want to play?

thats assuming there is such a thing as a repectable DJ this side of Santa Monica Boulvard

and thats a hard ask, somee people would say i don’t know how hard it is, sometimes you just have to wiggle it youself and feel it
yeah you shouldn’t have asked me but seeing as you did
i’m telling you you should be more careful what you say in front of litte kids


what bears repeting in a bor-room situation may not have any relevance in the livigtoom

you may not want to draw the publics arrention to it but you can assume that its already been drewn


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