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Powder keg (like, reply, who doesn’t want their yub nob rubbe once in a blue harvest moon?


  1. Zeberdee Holdall

    Little Stevie,
    I hope you can work out who I am?
    Send us an email I’m keen to catch up, you should have perfected the Cafe Vino by now.

    Spring has Sprung in,
    Summer is more Fun ‘n’,
    Autumn’s just Leaving,
    Winter’s more
    Freezing, goto line1

    ….. aka Zeberdee Holdall

    • Comment by post author

      Hey Phil wassup?
      I’m in Tokelau at the mo but living in the Coromandel….
      Axemen got a new album out – Sac Tap Nut Jam… Bob not playing with us any more but Dragan and William are in

      • Zeberdee Holdall

        Sharp reply good to hear, I ‘ll have to trade some tunes.
        I’m in Christcurch, I’ve got “My Three Sons”,
        they’re assh*les but someone’s got to feed and clothe them.
        I know the game of “Sac Tap” brings a tear to the eye, my kids play it at school and practice at home (Tough ChCh Kids)
        I hope proceeds are going to Testicle(?s) Cancer Awareness.
        I remember Dragan as a very ‘smooth’ guitarist 25 yrs ago. I’m curious as to the Axemen sound these days
        I still pluck about for pluckings in the blood. Have yet to come up with the next national anthem.

        Great to find a way to communicate after so long

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