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Prayin’ my ass off

young-muslim-woman-praying-in-mosque-EWRGXBDown on my knees, just got my mojo workin
Plain’ for keeps – you know i aint twerking
Fela Kuti’s here to get all the booty
Prayin’ my ass off with a trunk full of booty

Gimme the booty in an unmarked sack
Give us your poor, your weak your huddled masses
We want the gold, all you can fit in this sack
Prayin’ my ass off , i aint after molasses

Lubbock is a nice place, but i wouldn’t to live there
C’mon you crazy lummox, there has to be some ‘give’ there
Seven to five you’ll get a good clear run
On the other side’s agenda you rank five to one

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