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Reachin’ down to a higher ground

Charles Monty Burns (@Monty_Burns) | Twitter

Thunder. Burnin Lightning. Everythings goin’ up in flames
It’s a curs’d nightmare, the way you talk of me is despicable
But I don’t mind, I shall weather the storm
Most likely you’re the victim, well I’m a victim too

Baby, you’re not a baby, girl you’ll be a woman soon
Hush now don’t make a sound
Meet me on the escalator up
Take me up to the higher ground
Reach down and bring me up to a higher ground

Don’t need to be specific, just need to be essential
Liberty Burns its candle-wick at both ends
Who is Liberty Burns and why does he matter?
Take your seed of freedom and shove it in both ends

Until Montgomery Burns, baby, burn, Montgomery Burn

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