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Re-asserting it in the affirmative
an i can spell it
if you aint wearin spermicide
you can surely smell it

I’m emanatin it
like an old man excretes sweat an pee
like a sweet pea wrings itself
to get off the tree

M – molotov cocktail
A – AIDS and cocksuckin weed
N – Nazi Sympathizers gathering round everywhere you can see

crawlies in the shovel cause a whole lot o trouble
wind blows your way the larkspur sail needs to double
rudder on the aft whose mainsail puffs
puffed up whitey grille-teeth chew the fat and the kibble

Gnarly teeth whisperers gnaw the brittle to the bone
No cavity left unfilled when yr home alone
Latchkey neighbours taking liberties
Have got a nerve given their proclivities

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