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Shoes Yay High

When  i met you you had no shoes
I took your socks so you had nothin to lose
Gave you corn plasters as you were a wreck
Toe-to-toe jammin’ like Greg-o-ry Peck

I’m a sole man believe me I aint no heel
Runnin with devil never did me no good
Goes to show the power of a single banana peel

When your shoes are yay high in North Carolina
Certain people will take heed
Archin like an alley cat spyin a panther
you know both of dems a dyin’ breed (and dey knowz it)

Gran’s Remedy aint no cure for the devil roosted ‘neath my shins
Doctor Podra, please please can’t you see the state that i’m in

Well when a sleep-walkin cheetah wakes up,
puts out his butt and decides enough is enough
everybody gotta make their own minds up
cos they’re free as feet footloose and fucked up!

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