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Sleep with the Devil

This 50-year-old article shows how the myth of Rosa Parks was made - Vox

Sleep with the devil – wake up with AIDS
Its hard to tell these days
It happens to be that way
COVID-19 Nightmare leaves me in the fury

Where’s the furore about the fuhrer?
Wheres the pallaver around ‘dear farther’
Mon fathher, jeepers creepers what a charade
Sleep with the devil, fleas are the last think

Trumpet like a lion spit like a horse
When one doesn’t get you, the other one will
Spike the ball as if there is no tomorrow
Fill up your Big Gulp, could be your last cup of sorrow

I’ll have the coffee, i’ll have the tea
You know last time you told me
The refills are free

I’ll take the dairy-free mocha, thanks
And fill me up with Super, straight in my tank
Leave it to my henchmen to put in the pills
Leave it to my henchmen, that’s who makes the rules

Tannenbaum oh tannenbaum
Your needles never hurt me
They smell good and pine scented
just like Bert and Ernie

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