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Subset Boulevard

prisonerdemonface-demonhornsI went to pieces down at Subset Boulevard
I blew the mouthpiece off my hands-free handset
Think I might have blown it throwing seed in the yard
But if you think that’s all there is you aint seen nothing yet

Subset Boulevard, sum of all pieces
Piecemeal offstreet, first left at the gate
Subset Boulevard, motorcade passes
Let me be be the first to give you pieces of eight

Can’t half hear your nutbush ringin out
All the way across the yard
Let me hear your balalaikas ringing out
Down at Subset Boulevard – ow!

Met up with the devil barely halfway down
Gave me the filthiest look
“You can’t write for shit!” that devil said to me
I replied “Oh yeah, fucker? well check out this hook!”

Subset Boulevard! You’re halfway there!
Right near the corner of Subset and Vine
Think you’re gonna throw me with your demon shit
Well pal, if you think that then you’re no friend of mine

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