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The Life and Times


Lets start at the very beginning. a very good place to start.

for i am the waterboy. later the leatherboy.

lather the leatherboy, for he is a stop… whats it gunna be, chop chop????
lather the leatherboy, use his wrist as a sop

hippity hop stranger danger, thats me on that cross up there, dangling my chapsticjk till the doom of the aegis, the repurcussuins heard like a hot round the world, jack ruby on the trigger, flicking the switch on watergate, man oh man what a date, in it for a penny or a pounds, poids poi, negoes with an attitude birds will fly if they want to if anyone can a kiwi can but kiwis don’t fly and don’t you forget it.

i remember everything.
remember, i remember everything
my brakes are on, hard hit to heaven
hellbound, legs eleven
spinnung such a yarn methuselah cries so discretely
on the back of his hand scrawled ‘must meet weekly’

The bob

Understand, this is the whole hog… no badlerised watered down cutlass thustless ligatures, you will get it all here if not all hell will be breaking loose

just saying for those with custard thighs who dare bowdlerize and predict demise, the eyes have it, cheaper at twice the size.

it all started on my paper round.

even then i was exhausted running about the block.

this is the draft, fight war not wars, buffalo soldiers we are all niggers in the face of the trigger,


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