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The Mar-a-Lago Limbo

Everybody get down, every boy, every girl

It’s time to take it to the whole wide world

Can I kick the tyres? Can I kick them, please???

Limbo like a crippled ant, it’s the bee’s knees

  • – Everybody knows 9/11 was a hoax
  • – First it’s like this, now it’s like that
  • – Somebody told me you like it like that
  • – How would you like it on a boat with a cat

Everybody get down to the Palm Beach Estate

Straddled with mirrors and windows, finestrate

It’s a fine romance but nobody asked you

If I was you I wouldn’t wanna be you

  • – Everybody knows Iran was a bad deal
  • – Notably the Shah put his nose to the wheel
  • – Only a pedant would be such a stickler
  • – Wally and Waldo hiding in the shitter???

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