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the watchmakers dick

everybody knows my tool is tiny as a watchmakers
its how you use it that silences the naysayers
infrequently with guests, freakin frequently with the best guest
the son of the seed with a freckle on his ass yes

his ass is his best asset, who asked? nobody
nobody knows the troubles i seen
settin up scenes for a shape shiftin giant
on a rotating stage which aint union compliant

how could it be if its only purpose is to
use centrifugal force to expel all competitors?
a giant and a lion walk into a bar
neither of them knows who each other are

some noble knob asks them which one is the christian
all hell breaks loose , yoda at his wits end!
lord who made the lion and the lamb
stop gargantua here turning flesh into pulp-ham

lookin for a master plan,
we need a good strong net and a mass of bait
sleep with the fishes if i have to
if i can master battering i can master bait

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