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Three seconds to run

you got three seconds to run.
a 50 pound bullet weighing down your gun
not many people have the arms to flex
to lift that weapon in self defence

three more seconds to run.
and when i say three seconds, you’d best count ’em down
3, 2 and 1
nothing else counts in a zero-sum system

you took the candles, you took the cake
i’d like to see you try and eat it too
class war between the haves and have-nots
you know there are no fleas in Havelock

Lord Jimmy Jimmy ran into his pimp
On the boat to Venezuela beaten by a chimp
cards on the deck, facing pokerface herself
mostly unremarkable occasionally erstwhile

(woo-hoo and a boo hoo hoo)

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  1. That Lord Jimmy Jimmy and his crazy escapades!

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