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Thrown off the Magick Bus

Its been three long years and I’m tired and such
Whose gonna say I won’t self destruct
Desert Oasis to Snow-ploughed plain
Snow filled mac gonna do it again

Didn’t get where I am today by being circumspect
Took some chances, many times they were suspect
Any roadside gas-station roadmap will tell you what to do
Lord have mercy every GPS leads to you

I will not explain why I yell and cuss
Except it happened when i got on the Magick Bus
It had been a long time since I rock and rolled
Fired up balls will never soothe your soul

Feature cycle – on the treadmill
Wanna be your cycle -stop the meddle
Trappist Monks can’t explain
Got to be obey their ‘oath’, well yeah that is plain

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