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War pigs – what are they good for?

War pigs – what are they good for
only keeping populists in power
remember the remnants of the DNC
Where are they now?

I used to know some decent people
now i just don’t know
in front of my house lies a toppled steeple
where do you go from there, i just don’t know

pork barrel police know no bounds
beyond the range of their stun guns
and their tear-gas canisters
used to be i’d go have a drink
wirth Marty Phillips and Matthew Bannister

War pigs – every half an hour
what are they good for? practically nix, but maybe i’m out of order
where is your pocket constitution Mr Ttump
or did you throw it over the border?

War pigs with your stun guns
gleaming in the noon-day son
how would you like it if i shot you down
cos you know i can just do that, son

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