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We aren’t the world – we are Christchurch!

This marshland was always mind-boggling
Miss Marsh it does get in! Cut to the chalk
Wakin up to rubble is hard to do
skeletal buildings hard live with or in

A crazy shaken baby, you know you should never shake a baby
Baby’s on fire, baby blue, shaken till the nappies have vibe
Drive your car off the cliff and you’re still around
Does your inviolability know no bounds?

Of course if you’re reading you’re lucky to be alive
preening, careening, preparing for lifes next journey
the inspector’s around, look alive, look ‘normal’
under the rug with uncle ernie

[middle 8 and main chorus]
We aren’t the world – we are christchurch
come on kiwis have faith in life’s lurch
nothing can bring you down
whoever your god is you’re still a clown

we aren’t the world, and we aren’t ‘just’ christchurch
all we need is the air we breathe and to love the city of christchurch
let it rock, let it shake have it your own way
avon punts, crushed straw hats have something to say!

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