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When Fauci Crows

When Fauci crows you better get of your ass
When he says take the vaccine better take it fast
Fauci crows, means its time to wake up
Get on your hind legs and scratch like a pup

When Fauci sings you gotta stand up and brag
He’s a real straight shooter just like Billy Bragg
Straight outta Princeton, really knows his theme
People get ready for this COVID machine

Fauci’s crowin’, better know i hear violins
Had quite enough of the sex and violence
Scarier than movietime with Miley Cyrus
NO hill of beans its just the hill of Cyprus

Fauci crows, better get off your back
Fauci crows, better take up the slack
Fauci’s crowin’ like the cock of the roost
Fauci’s Foghorn Leghorn, doesn’t need a boost

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