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Whitewall The House

whitehouseI don’t what you heard about be but i whitewall the house
like no other brother
thinkin of stinkin or sinkin the ship think again,

i’m bobbing up smiling like anew kinda brotha
a sistah from anotha mama

stabbing features now in a round trip of pain
the sideburns are burning, was it all in vain

filled my mind up at the rotocup but chose not to drink my fill
spilt the leftovers at my side then went in to pay my bill

gagging waiting to leave
silk fire flowing in the breeze
dumbfounded , lackadaisical esoterically so
pungently fragrant i love your smell so

fire and ice on ice as it were
screaming like banshees in darfur
consolidate the payment i i would concur
insulate your losees i would have to defer

wagging on the wankster at 2 AM
lookin out the window at the sun rising
biting the flesh off the withered stumps
chump change for the money much too tight to mention

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