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2016 Stuff, animal, anthropomorphism, bleak, desert, horse, hurt, Love, Tragedy

Woe is my middle name

horsedesert.jpgyoutube-iconWoe is My Middle Name (video)

Oh, woe is me
Woe’s my middle name
It was also the name I gave to my horse
Would be better if he had no name

Riding thru the desert
Sand and dune terrain
One thing bout the desert
There’s near-nil chance of rain

Mmmm, and ya don’t stop
Woe, take me to the hop
You’re gonna change your tune
When we get to the top of the dune

My horse pulled up lame
When we got to the top
I  called my horse’s name
He smiled but wouldn’t stop

“Woe, Whoa!” I screamed in vain
“That’s me” he whinnied hoarsely
I’ll show all the naysayers
He cussed me, crudely, coarsely

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