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You’d be deader

Elvis is dead, its a vendetta
Lennon is dead but Elvis is deader
Turning his heels, blue suede boots made for walkin
Talkin bout Snow White, Sagan and Tolkien

Everybody’s Tolkien at me
Hobbits rearing on their hind legs
“Stags find their hooves in their presence”
Al Pacino quoting Donald Pleasance

Dear Leader, Dead Leader
You better be real or I’d think you’re a dealer
Follow y’all to the Hobbit-Hole
Nobody matters cos’ nobody’s whole

House of the Holy Home of the brave
Nobody gets out of here alive
Flip-flop like flatfish, sear in the pan
Lemon and catfish gumbo my man

If you were me you’d be deader!
Deader than me – a real vendetta
Day of the Dead is the day of the deader
You say dead, i say deader

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