someone elses organ

my fine-toothed comb’s nearly run out of quills
told it to the walrus up on the hill

i was stumped to bump into him, had to take a chill pill
i tell you man he’s livin there still

we all in our own oases
i don’t wanna be there to burn your paper roses
somebody else will

don’t wanna be nobody’s meat order
i”m nor prepared to meet with that shit
the LCD aint my angle if you know my angle

its my life and i’ll decry it all  i want to
all the way to boogie wunderland


Allahu Akhbar, I presume

droneongroundGet your gun away from my chest
Mister, you’re gonna cause some trouble
Who do you think’s got the suicide vest
Mohammed Akbari or Barney Rubble?

Take off your shoes and your suicide vest
Put your guns on the counter
Rest your head in my weary arms
And pray to the founding fathers

“O founding fathers your art is our art
Hollowpoints riddle your bodies
Your corpses spin like silkworm spiders
Your web is broken. Lodie Dodie”

Who’s the lad in the suicide vest
I think I killed his father
Could have shot him on the spot
But my drone strike blew him farther


Life on Titan

titanMethane rain, everywhere
The kids don’t understand
The kids don’t care
The kids like ISIS, u must understand

Is there life on Titan?
I wish it were so
Would be nice to have
Somewhere else to go

Away from the methane rain
Far from the madding crowd
Its maddening to think
The crowd could get so loud

The kids like ISIS
You must understand
Its a  human crisis
Stand by your human

Titan up baby
Titian colors confound your pallet
Grass is not green on Titan
Its only green when you whip out your wallet

Its alwys greener on the other side
Thats why the chicken crossed the road
Only to find an egg in the barn
Oh what a cliche overload

Animal / Cannibal

Listen now: Animal-Cannibal


monkeybAnimal Cannibal, animal / cannibal!
Animal cannibal, yuuuuge mistake!
Animal Cannibal, animal / cannibal!
Animal cannibal, part man, part gibbon!

thinks he’s human bur he aint
he smells like doggy doo
if you meet him theres a taint
sure sign you’ve met its deja vu

its all over you
animal cannibal
can’t get over you
animal cannibal

you’d eat yourself if you could
you know you would taste so good
gnw a bone you know it will do you good
eat your own like an animal cannibal should

You got four on the floor
and you’te ready to eat
Ready to pounce on your kind
you’re real loose meat