Video: u put the ‘x’ into christmas

jingle bells a and reindeer trails
lead the way to santa’s mail
baby, daily
each snowflake that falls is its own man
every single elf you see’s entitled to his own beliefs
it may seem crazy
eveyone’s unique in their own way

U put the ‘x’ into christmas
when all the letters are counted
there’s only 24 hours in a day

time is just a breath away a tiny little breath away
maybe two breaths
each small unit counts, not once but twice

what is ruled a sweet romance?
a jungle cruise? a tango dance?
a rouée somewhere ?

each in time repays, sometimes in spades

U put the ‘x’ into christmas
when all the letters are counted
there’s only 24 hours in a day




Pike River 29

A score and nine went down that mine
A fair days work for a fair days pay
Into the breach not for queen and country
Just a breadwinning packet of pay

Out from the hills came the 29
Whenst the clarion said thy should resign
Oh trust inye my brorhers in atms
and sisters seething with you demand the mainline

Its Saturday morning shake your boots and wig
Its still populist bigotsday and no-one gives  a flying fig
If you’ll sign here, madam, you got the power to launch nukes
give me not some other git at the e  another git  at the end of the day

er i need to rebuke

At 3:44  the first alarms sounded
We weren’t worried we’re all good men
The union’ll take care of any danger
We’ll be back down this pit again


War pigs – what are they good for?

War pigs – what are they good for
only keeping populists in power
remember the remnants of the DNC
Where are they now?

I used to know some decent people
now i just don’t know
in front of my house lies a toppled steeple
where do you go from there, i just don’t know

pork barrel police know no bounds
beyond the range of their stun guns
and their tear-gas canisters
used to be i’d go have a drink
wirth Marty Phillips and Matthew Bannister

War pigs – every half an hour
what are they good for? practically nix, but maybe i’m out of order
where is your pocket constitution Mr Ttump
or did you throw it over the border?

War pigs with your stun guns
gleaming in the noon-day son
how would you like it if i shot you down
cos you know i can just do that, son

The Filtihiest Tea-Towel

If thats the filthiesr tea-towel you’ve ever seen
take a walk in my shoes sistah
the things you’ll see will bring you out in a blaze
maybe even cause you a blister

Filthiest tea towel my foot
I’ll be a monkey’s uncle
Stick my filthy tea towel up your ass
it’ll be happy there with art garfunkel

Kurt Weil there with his moneymaker
curbside sweeping dosh
how do you sleep at night
when youe daddy’s so posh


Shellac curdle

yeah i got dheeac curdle
and my brain and heart still care about nyo peeps
on the streets of downown Columbus
raco store every corner fuck yes

So much shiit comein out of his ass
if he ws aessaihtied by muslims would be fittig abfice

if we were all moslims wouldn’t b the same… but with michelle Pfeifer

Kill a Mockingbird in the Rye

dead_mockingbird_ref_8_by_fackeltanz-d3haxlwYou kill a mockingbird in the rye
You betta betcha tantrums gonna fly
I know she’s only there to feed her chicks
But when there’s blood on the rye you’ve no idea how it sticks

Blood on my knuckles punching mockingbirds
No-one would dare mock me now, that would be absurd
Don’t be a shithead don’t you be no turd
Mockingbird, mocking is the mocking word

Yo’ sittin’ there rockin in your ol’ rockin chair
I seen you mockin from the street over there
Yo mockin’ it when u could be rockin’it
You could be rakin’ it in but instead you’re milkin ‘ it

OK pops i get it that you dig yr porch
but that don’t help the family of that bird you torched
when you emptied tour magazine into our rye-bucket
You tell me pops, who’s the family you’re fuckin’ up?

Well are you punk? Well did you punk?
Did you squeeze your lever in the rye-trunk?
Just be honest and we’ll be right over it, son
holy shit, his prints are all over the gun!!!

(gunshots, from multiple sources)

She is just a mockingbird from a pretty barren tree
Spare her her life from this monstrosity
Will you let her go, she’s just feeding her family?
She’s winged so bad she’ll already have to walk to the tree
Well fuck you pops you’re about to blow

(single gunshot)



California Demon

California Demon 007 mix


Flew into Tom Bradley on a  Delta wing
All the way cursing but with head held high
Man you know  had nothing to eat or drink
Shoulda seen the pilot when I touched the sky

California Demon – gimme the three-four
California Demon – don’t want your sex
But you know I’m dreamin’ that I wanna be with you
When you touch down on that tarmac at LAX

Touchdown at T5 at 7:20am
Feelin pretty nervous bu suppressin a hiccup
Make a quick phonecall at the Seven-11
And I’ll meet you at 8:30 at the curbside pickup