Any kind of Kingdom is heavy brother
brother, say it aint!
he aint condemning my Kingdom
he’s a shaved gorilla with a coat of paint!

A brother with a gorilla mother
is quite a beast god tells me so
simply brill i wanna fill
that goddam mouth-a with the lead from-a

Periodic table with a cellophane cover
up to the gunnels with dexy’s midnight runners
come on eileen you expect me to fall for
that and that and that, like jack sprat?

its a quantum leap from here to eternity
sky is the limit there is no certainty
tally up the sales of passables
the impossible is hand-change possible

Hitched a ride with Dewey Decimal
he played the radio at 90 decibels
jumbo jet engine firing all cylinders
three coins in the fountain of embers!