Neon Lamp Stingray
An electric eel  which you object to feel
Such a barrier ramp king ray
The lock of horns telling you you’re about to keel

like the biblical fish that swallowed jonah whole
a job lot with too many problems to assimilate
erked up on the seaside after three days of gall
a tricky feat for the movie to emulate

A neon ray stinglamp, electric eye , on and to be
or not to be, could be an iron deficiency
keen as mustard steely as the wheel
hardened criminals how do you feel

Isolated like a grounded boat-load of bait-lot
ground into pulp to make baitmeat for that lot
the leftover droppings can be pulped up for catmeat
i woundn’t feed it to my cat, but i’d feed it to my prince

m’lord find here the finest shrove
of giggly aunties and artichokes
a nip of brandy from the last century
i’ll stamp your hand now lest you need re-entry.