I got some newfangled pastry, puffy as a ball
with some prime granny smiths on top of it all
an then some chillin blueberries heated warm to the cool
an some hokey pokey icecream to sweat off the pool

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hokey pokey (37 minutes ago · Like – Steve McCabe)

more booty than you’d get in the pokey, even wit more blueberry than
haile salassie an the flakey crumb diggers
hum round like flies making dem big eyes while other niggas
die in da gunfights in da city of  compton,
sure as snoop is westside
the reason they died is not a reason for pride

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delicious icecream hokey pokey its apt
its a whole lotta white with some chunks of black
well more like colored kids swirlin around
in this tipsy top world of hip hop sound… sound…sound

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you know you’re soakin in it, cool it, you’re still in charge
until the new boss takes over, name of marge

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deeshwashing liquid, i would never have guessed
piss of you old hag i came here for the test!

(13 minutes ago · Like Steve McCabe)

i wanna see if my belly is sprouting a sprog
if so i’ll protect it from dingo and dog
and any other mongrel who might come along
trying to ply it it with bottle, needle or bong

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put your hand in the hand of the man who crossed
the keystone cops when they were keystone-nots
the city of brotherly love has come a long way
since general patton passed thru this way

(6 minutes ago · Like Steve McCabe)

city of sails is a city of snails
snail bait and switch is what i need