very messi
very messi

If i could turn back time I wouldn’t
I’d buy a sugarbean and sit it out
On a moonbeam, cinders glow like glow worms
glowering smouldering scowling – glowing

as i said earlier. towering under a cantilever
taking a whizz round the back
man i so need a whizz
the buzzard of whizz

tin can allies spinning their webs in the dark
try harder you eight legged spindly freak
a suckling pig curls its tail like a little boys willie
into a half nelson

if i could turn back time i wouldn’t
i like its forward arrow too much
the agony and the entropy
once more down to the beach rode the 500

the horses screeching tyres –
god, what a mess
people, people who need people
are losers nonetheless